Kai Jiang

Professor, Medical Research Institute, Wuhan University

Tel: 86-27-68758602

Email: jiangkai@whu.edu.cn

Research Areas:

Microtubule; Cytoskeleton; Synthetic Cell Biology


1999-2003  B.S.   University of Science and Technology of China

2003-2009  Ph.D. University of Science and Technology of China

Professional Experience:

2009-2010  Postdoc, Erasmus Medical Center, the Netherlands

2011-2017   Postdoc, Utrecht University, the Netherlands

2017-present  Professor, Medical Research Institute, Wuhan University

Selected publications:

Jiang, K.#*, Rezabkova, L.*, Hua, S., Liu, Q., Capitani, G., Altelaar, A.F., Heck, A.J.R., Kammerer, R.A.#, Steinmetz, M.O.#, and Akhmanova, A.# (2017). Microtubule minus-end regulation at spindle poles by an ASPM-katanin complex. Nat Cell Biol 19, 480-492.(*co-first author and #co-corresponding author)  

Atherton, J.*, Jiang, K.*, Stangier, M.M., Luo, Y., Hua, S., Houben, K., van Hooff, J.J.E., Joseph, A.P., Scarabelli, G., Grant, B.J., et al. (2017). A structural model for microtubule minus-end recognition and protection by CAMSAP proteins. Nat Struct Mol Biol 24, 931-943.(*co-first author)  

Rezabkova, L.*, Jiang, K.*, Capitani, G., Prota, A.E., Akhmanova, A., Steinmetz, M.O., and Kammerer, R.A. (2017). Structural basis of katanin p60:p80 complex formation. Sci Rep 7, 14893.(*co-first author)  

Jiang, K., Hua, S., Mohan, R., Grigoriev, I., Yau, K.W., Liu, Q., Katrukha, E.A., Altelaar, A.F., Heck, A.J., Hoogenraad, C.C., et al. (2014). Microtubule minus-end stabilization by polymerization-driven CAMSAP deposition. Dev Cell 28, 295-309.

Jiang, K., Toedt, G., Montenegro Gouveia, S., Davey, N.E., Hua, S., van der Vaart, B., Grigoriev, I., Larsen, J., Pedersen, L.B., Bezstarosti, K., et al. (2012). A Proteome-wide screen for mammalian SxIP motif-containing microtubule plus-end tracking proteins. Curr Biol 22, 1800-1807.

Jiang, K., and Akhmanova, A. (2011). Microtubule tip-interacting proteins: a view from both ends. Curr Opin Cell Biol 23, 94-101.(review)

Jiang, K., Wang, J., Liu, J., Ward, T., Wordeman, L., Davidson, A., Wang, F., and Yao, X. (2009). TIP150 interacts with and targets MCAK at the microtubule plus ends. EMBO Rep 10, 857-865.

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