Academician Boqin Qiang and Prof.Xiaozhong Peng visited MRI

On 15th May 2019, Academician Boqin Qiang and Prof. Xiaozhong Peng were invited to visit Wuhan university Medical Research Institute. On behalf of MRI, Dean Prof. Hongbing Shu first warmly welcomed the two experts and then introduced MRI establishment background as well as the recent achievements made. The experts unanimously affirmed the progress and wished the MRI a brighter future.Professor Yan Zhou on behalf of his neurodevelopment team gave a report to the visiting experts. They listened carefully and conducted in-depth discussions on the issues of concern. Academician Qiang and Professor Peng hoped that Yan Zhou’s team would continually focus on development in neuroscience and strive for some original breakthroughs. They also encourage graduate students to be proactive, through unremitting efforts to become a promising young man.


Before the report, the two experts visited the MRI core facilities centre.



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