Publications in 2016

1.    Ye Q, Jiang J, Zhan G, Yan W, Huang L, Hu Y, Su H, Tong Q, Yue M, Li H, Yao G, Zhang Y, Liu H*(2016). Small molecule activation of NOTCH signaling inhibits acute myeloid leukemia. Sci Rep. May 23; 6: 26510. (IF=5.23)

2.    Li D, Yang W, Yang F, Liu H, Zhu Z, Lian K, Lei C, Li S, Liu X, Zheng H, Shu H*(2016). The VP3 structural protein of foot-and-mouth disease virus inhibits the IFN-β signaling pathway. FASEB J. May; 30(5): 1757-66. (IF=5.30)

3.  Liu TT, Yang Q, Li M, Zhong B, Ran Y, Liu LL, Yang Y, Wang YY, Shu HB*(2016). LSm14A Plays a Critical Role in Antiviral Immune Responses by Regulating MITA Level in a Cell-Specific Manner. J Immunol. Jun 15; 196(12): 5101-11. (IF=4.99)

4.  Ren Y, Zhao Y, Lin D, Xu X, Zhu Q, Yao J, Shu HB, Zhong B*(2016). The Type I Interferon-IRF7 Axis Mediates Transcriptional Expression of Usp25 Gene. J Biol Chem. Jun 17; 291(25): 13206-15. (IF=4.26)

5.  Hu MM, Yang Q, Xie XQ, Liao CY, Lin H, Liu TT, Yin L, Shu HB*(2016). Sumoylation Promotes the Stability of the DNA Sensor cGAS and the Adaptor STING to Regulate the Kinetics of Response to DNA Virus. Immunity. Sep 20; 45(3): 555-69. (IF=24.08)

6.  Luo WW, Li S, Li C, Lian H, Yang Q, Zhong B, Shu HB*(2016). iRhom2 is essential for innate immunity to DNA viruses by mediating trafficking and stability of the adaptor STING. Nat Immunol. Sep; 17(9): 1057-66. (IF=19.38)

7.  Xiao D, Yue M, Su H, Ren P, Jiang J, Li F, Hu Y, Du H, Liu H, Qing G* (2016). Polo-like Kinase-1 Regulates Myc Stabilization and Activates a Feedforward Circuit Promoting Tumor Cell Survival. Mol Cell. Nov 3; 64(3): 493-506. (IF=13.96)

8.  Zhang M, Zhang MX, Zhang Q, Zhu GF, Yuan L, Zhang DE, Zhu Q, Yao J, Shu HB, Zhong B*(2016). USP18 recruits USP20 to promote innate antiviral response through deubiquitinating STING/MITA. Cell Res. Dec; 26(12): 1302-1319. (IF=14.81)

9.  Li D, Wei J, Yang F, Liu HN, Zhu ZX, Cao WJ, Li S, Liu XT, Zheng HX, Shu HB* (2016). Foot-and-mouth disease virus structural protein VP3 degrades Janus kinase 1 to inhibit IFN-γ signal transduction pathways. Cell Cycle. 15(6): 850-60. (IF=3.95)

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