Infection and Immunity

Infection and Immunity:                                                                                   


Dr.Hong-Bing Shu:   The research in our group focuses on virus-host interactions, including the mechanisms of innate antiviral immune responses, inflammation and viral immune evasion. In addition, we also investigate the relationship between unresolved inflammation and tumorigenesis.


Dr.Bo ZhongOur research interest focuses on innate antiviral immune and inflammatory responses, and regulation of non-small cell lung cancer by inflammatory tumor microenvironment.(1) We screen and identify proteins involved in innate antiviral immune signaling and inflammatory responses by expression cloning, yeast two-hybrid and whole-genome shRNA analysis. We analyze the mechanisms by which the candidate proteins regulate or mediate host antiviral immunity by generating gene knockout or transgenic mice.(2) We screen the inflammatory cytokines that are differentially expressed in tumor tissues and normal tissues from patients or mice. By generating conditional KO mice or transgenic mice, we analyze the mechanisms by which these cytokines regulate tumorigenesis and metastasis of non-small cell lung cancer.

Dr.Bi-Shi FuVirus-host interactome network, Innate immune evasion strategies of DNA and RNA viruses.



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