As the director of the Medical Research Institute (MRI) at Wuhan University, I am delighted to welcome you to our website and offer you a unique perspective on what distinguishes our institute from others.


MRI was founded in April 2014 as part of a Wuhan University strategic initiative to increase research capacity. Our mission is to establish a first-class biomedical institute for basic and translational biomedical research on severe human diseases and to train future generations of biomedical scholars and scientists.


As the director of the institute, I truly believe that MRI is an exceptional place to launch your scientific career. We offer an unparalleled breadth of opportunities in a working environment that focuses on self-empowerment and thoughtful mentorship. In this transformational setting, we strive to advance our understanding, diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening diseases for the purpose of improving human health.


MRI will eventually contain 30-40 independent groups conducting research in areas such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer biology, metabolic diseases, neurobiology, infection and immunity. We welcome outstanding applicants for PI positions at the full professor level in all areas of biomedical sciences.


One of our major missions is to provide high-level education. We adhere to “student-oriented” philosophy in an effort to equip students with boundless opportunities to freely explore a vast range of academics and craft a research program that is tailored to their interests and career goals.         


I hope you will take some time to explore our website and learn about our programs, faculty, facilities, and everything else we can offer. Our team and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.




Hong-Bing Shu, Ph.D.


Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Director, Medical Research Institute

Chief Scientist, Frontier Science Center for Immunology and Metabolism



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